What is it that you as a traveller look for? What drives you to put hundreds or thousands of kilometers between yourself and all that is familiar to you? While the answer to these questions may differ from person to person, rarely does the answer ever include the “tiresome comforts of home”. Ostello degli Elefanti gets it. We get it. You’re probably looking for an exciting atmosphere in an unfamiliar city but at the end of a long day of exploring/trekking/sightseeing/socializing, you want a comfortable, clean bed, maybe a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and some good company. Here we are!

Ostello degli Elefanti is a hostel operated by two natives of Catania, one of the most inviting cities Sicilia has to offer. It is situated directly between the two main squares in Catania, in a 17th century palace (with vaulted ceilings!). Inside of our hostel we have a well-renowned restaurant that serves wonderful Sicilian dishes, cooked with local, fresh ingredients, all at a great price. We host 24 beds, so you’re never in danger of just being another face in the crowd. When you arrive, we will share what we know about our city with you, encourage you to dine in our restaurant with a 10% discount (although there’s always room for an arancino or a cartocciata elsewhere), and invite you onto our rooftop terrace for a glass of wine and the best view in Catania.

Earlier we talked about reasons to separate yourself from home. Catania is a great reason! It boasts a wonderful array of outdoor markets, a beautiful Baroque-style architecture, the Benedittini Monastery, countless churches and museums, and of course, close proximity to Mt. Etna! If you’re fortunate to come during early February or mid-August, you can enjoy one of the largest religious festivals in all of Europe in the Festa di sant’Agata. If you’re not a large-crowd, big-city type of personality who doesn’t get into our night life (try it once though!), Catania is a great hub to begin a trip to Taormina, Siracusa, Noto, Modica, and Palermo. If you’re a trekker, we help you to organize guided tours or solo journeys up to the summit of Mt. Etna.

There is no reason to wait. Our restaurant wants to feed you, we want to accommodate you! We hope to see you soon!